Dalaran x7 rates

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Opened by Sterling - 14.03.2019

FS#314 - Website Suggestions

These are a list of website suggestions meant for Xandrice.

1. While it is a good thing that there is a faction change feature on the store, I feel that it is way too cheap for what it should be around. This could allow players to easily swap factions after a few minutes of voting to harass another player. I think there needs to be a measure put in place to make sure that this can’t happen. I would suggest increasing the cost of a faction change to 15 vote points.

2. A feature that I think would go well in the store would be a name change and race change feature. These would be a great addition along with the faction change available on the store. I would suggest pricing the name change at 5 vote points and the race change at 10 vote points.

3. While I was browsing the website, I ran into a typo on the store. It is in the popular items section and it is the 500 gold option.

4. I know that you said that you had a friend working on the background for the website, but I thought I would mention it here in the list of suggestions.

5. The links taking you to the bug tracker on the website don’t work. They come up with an error saying that the file can not be found.

6. I would remove the poll asking you about the experience. It seems kind of pointless as the community will click yes and then the negative people over at Reddit will simply hit no. It seems like a pointless feature.

7. I would add trading card mounts to the website for donation points. I don’t think they should be super expensive, but relatively priced.


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